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विमोहन/ Dehypnotizing

विमोहन/ Dehypnotizing 7
A real book, which could not be believed, but absolutely real. It is my personal experience with the book. I have tried it many times and always found correct and true.
I was suffering from a hypertension and hyper acidity with uncontrolled apatite in my student life. Usually I needed food as for 6 people every day or very high protein diet. I know my guilt, it occurred due to some experiments in the field of meditation and other disciplines. High secretion was a psychosomatic disorder and it was non curable with drugs. Whenever I tried any method to resolve the issue, it worsened. Finding out the cause was not enough, at this stage the book helped me. I am grateful to the great author and my local social guardian Mr. S.P. Mittal a senior freedom fighter and social scientist. 
I had changed my own personality with the help of this book. Strange about this is that the author is neither a psychologist nor psychotherapist, he is a Plastic surgeon of Italy. Here “is”  denotes my wishes for him , actually he may not be alive.
In 1080 when the computer was not available for common people in India I have a theoretical idea about basic features of computer human mind as well. The author has well explained these items like a handling manual of any electronic instrument. We are not slave of mind rather we have a mind and we could take its services, operate it and we can change the settings with our effort as per our need.
Sleep is more useful for learning. Of course I learnt motor cycle driving in sleep, you may not believe. If I tell more it will reduce your interest.
One friend has told that there is a link to access the book from net. This amazing book is “Psycho Cybernetics” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, 29th reprint was published in 1979 by Pocket Books, New York.

विमोहन/ Dehypnotizing 6
Be aware of twilit sentences of TANTRA books. They have been coded and there is an open declaration that let this book destroy our rival practitioner who is just like enemy and them too who are not grateful to the tradition of tantric practices of the particular school which that book belongs to.
I think Aashaaraam is also suffering from a mental problem. He is hypnotized by a twilit statement of Tantra- in Sanskrit –
‘NITYAM BAALAA SEBYAMAANAA NITYAM WAI BARDHATE BALAM’. The foolish and dangerous meaning will be ‘if girls are used regularly, the power increases always.’
Actual and fortunate meaning will be if the medicinal plant Balaa is used regularly it improves the strength of the personality.

विमोहन/ Dehypnotizing 5
World is suffering from various type of hypnosis. We all suffer any time. The agony is that sufferer does not recognize that he/she is sufferer. Till it becomes clear to the sufferer the time has gone away.
Once I had been little affected indirectly by Aashaaraam “Bhonpoo”. As I have interest in behavioral psychotherapy with Indian methods, symptoms of psychological illness are more obvious to me than a lay man. Once a lady relative of mine got hypnotized by so called SATSANG of Aashaaraam. Her entire personality was changed. A naughty and pleasant personality was doing Jap of Bhagawan and Guru without any break. Her family members were also very pleased on this. As a relative I warned them against such sudden change but they blamed me too.
Only after 2 months the lady has to be taken to the Psychotherapist and still she is not fully normal, suffering from long affects of seduction. Her husband also became depressed latter on.

Why it happened so? Actually they were in search of CHAMTKAAR to solve their family burden. But burden increased. A heavily loaded, burdened personality is afraid of his/her failure and wants to make other responsible for his/her failure and decision whether right or wrong. Such personalities are actually always ready to be seduced and cheated. Friends accept the reality whatsoever existing in your life. As a human we do more times right but sometimes wrong too. It is normal. Try to rectify if possible otherwise accept it this attitude will save you from such type of BAABAAS.

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