गुरुवार, 22 अक्तूबर 2015

The Geetaa, as I found.

Only for those, who have not still concluded there study of Geetaa.

Please don’t waste your time.
Please don’t waste your time with my findings if you have already concluded or you are such a wise person far beyond question.
You must not read this if you believe that the Geetaa is not to be understood. Any person whosoever is authority in your opinion can only speak about it and others are duty bound to accept his/her verdict.
This series is about me and my finding on the Geetaa. They too must not waste their time in reading and commenting on me or the Geetaa who hate either of us.
It is for my friends and beloveds only, who can think – let this be read and verified, some facts and new finding may appear.
I propose just to read it. No request to conclude or conceive or to conceal.

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